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Informative Speech / Controversial Issue:  This is a speech clarifying a controversial issue of current interest, which you will address much like an investigative news report.  The purpose of this assignment is to share knowledge fromBOTH sides of the issue in a strictly objective manner, to build understanding.  This will enable your audience to make an informed/educated decision about a currently debated issue.  It will be your responsibility to present information equally representing both sides of the issue. You will need to develop at least two arguments on each side of the controversy and support those ideas with cited factual information and supporting evidence. When discussing each side of the issue you should be able to defend that position against opposing viewpoints, and then do the same for the other side of the same issue. You may develop each side with it’s own arguments; present one side and then the other. Or you may address the controversy in a point Counter Point structure.

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Your sources should be stated in the introduction (to establish credibility), cited in the body as they are referred to, and listed in the complete bibliography at the end of your outline (in MLA format)

Outline Requirements for the Controversial Issue Speech assignment (Due Oct 7)

Outline the content of your speech using the TEXT outlining chapter and sample outline as a guide, as well as the sample structure below and the sample outline for the Miss American Speech provided on moodle. Your outline must be typed with your Name, Topic, Specific Purpose and Central Idea at the top. Your outline should match the followingbasic structure (and that in the text), be typed, proof read and in final draft form. Use proper outline format with roman numerals, capital letters, numbers, lower case letters, etc, and indentations with each sub or sub-sub point. This will not be your speaking outline- that will be made later using just key words to remind you what to say, so you DO NOT READ your speech word for word.

Your Preparation Outline should follow this format:


General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: “As a result of my speech the audience will. . . “

Central Idea: (this should be a complete sentence that encapsulates your central idea and the specific main points you will develop in your speech)

Introduction:  Clearly outline each of the specific requirements of a complete introduction (your outline should not say “will gain attention by. . .” instead outline the actual content- what you will say or present to gain attention and accomplish the other requirements)

I.      Gain attention (need a creative and effective opening, do NOT open with “today I will be talking about. . .”)

II.     Relate to your audience and motivate them to listen (answer “why should I care?” for your aud.)

III.   Establish your credibility (experience, connection to topic and list a few sources from your research, answer “how do you know?” for your audience)

IV.   Preview the structure and specific points you’ll cover on each side of the controversy


I.               There are two organizational choices that work well. You must choose ONE of the following structures to organize your presentation:

A.     Option #1- Point-Counterpoint Structure: each main point would be an issue within the overall controversy (for example considering 1. “economic effects” 2. “moral arguments” and 3. “whether or not there other viable research options” surrounding the use of animals in scientific testing).

                                              1.     Each main point would have two sub-points:

                                              2.     The 1st sub-pt would be the arguments on one side of that issue (pro)

                                              3.     The 2ns sub-pt would be the arguments on the other side of that issue (con)

B.     Option #2- Reasons Order: would have two main points

                                              1.     The first main point would support one side of the issue (pro or con)

a.     with two or three sub-points which are the arguments supporting the pro or con position

                                              2.     The second main point would support the opposite side of the issue

a.     with two or three sub-points which are the arguments supporting that opposite position

i.       Your sub-points and sub-sub-points should be clearly developed, with citations for the source used to develop that point (indicate how you will verbally say your source (name of the author or title or sponsoring organization) and be sure the complete citation is in your bibliography.

C.     Your outline should also show transitions, internal previews and summaries, and signposts.

II.              Main Points must be written in complete sentences (not questions).

A.     You must develop at least two supportive arguments for each side of the controversy

B.     You must use at least three credible sources to support each side of the controversy

                                              1.     At least one source on each side must be less than 1 year old.

                                              2.     Your sources should be listed in complete correct format on your bibliography AND with clear citations where the information from those sources has been used during the presentation (indicate how you will verbally cite your sources as you use them).


Conclusion: (should clearly outline how you will fulfill the requirements for the conclusion.)

I.               prepare audience for the ending

II.              clear summary of main points

III.            reinforced your central idea

IV.            have a strong impact ending (call to action/memorable)


Include a Complete Bibliography at the end of your outline, using correct MLA format.

My topic is: University Education should be free.

please find attachments for sources 

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