devry sci214 week 1 ,2,3 and week 5 quizes

Question(TCO 1) Which property listed below is not a fundamental property?LengthMassWeightTimeQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 1) Measured properties that have different values at different times are ________.the result of measurement errorsimpossiblecalled variablescalled scientific flukesQuestion 3. Question :(TCO 1) A controlled experiment compares two situations that ____________.have all variables identical except for the one under investigation.have all variables be the same.have no variables.use only a control group.Question 4. Question :(TCO 1) Which of the following could be used by scientists to visualize or understand something that cannot be observed directly?The theory of plate tectonicsNewton’s laws of motionA model of the solar systemArchimedes’ PrincipleQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 1) Imagine a 10g chunk of aluminum (p=density =2.7 g/cm^3) and a 10g chunk of iron (p=density=7.9 g/cm^3). Which of the following is true?The chunk of iron is smaller than the chunk of aluminum.The chunk of iron is more massive than the chunk of aluminum.The chunk of aluminum is smaller than the chunk of iron.Both objects have the same volume.Question 6. Question :(TCO 1) What are the steps of the scientific method?quiz 2(TCO 2) A cannonball is fired straight up at 50 m/s. Neglecting air resistance, when it returns to its starting point, its speed is __________.50 m/smore than 50 m/sless than 50 m/sdepends on how long it is in the airQuestion 2. Question :(TCO 2) Acceleration occurs when an object undergoes _________.a speed increasea speed decreasea change in the direction of travelCORRECT all of the choices are correctQuestion 3. Question :(TCO 3) Which quantity has the greatest influence on the amount of kinetic energy that a large truck has moving down the road?MassVelocitySizeWeightQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 3) Most energy leaves the Earth in the form of ________.nuclear energykinetic energychemical energyradiant energyQuestion 5. Question :(TCO 3) Which path would result in more work accomplished in moving a box to the same spot on the table?ABCAll would be equal.Question 6. Question :(TCO 2) What are Newton’s Three Laws of Motion?Question 7. Question :(TCO 3) What is work? How much work needs to be done to lift a 500 kg mass from the ground to a height of 20 meters?quiz 3TCO 4) Consider the electron dot diagram of the unknown element X: . This atom would most likely _______.form an ion of +6 charge.react with hydrogen to form H2X.lose two electrons when forming an ion.form an ion of +2 charge.Question 2. Question :(TCO 4) The attractive John Dalton reasoned that atoms exist from the evidence that ________.there are numerous, tiny empty spaces in matter.elements always combined in certain fixed ratios.elements could not be broken down into simpler substances.matter was homogenous.Question 3. Question :(TCO 5) The size of the current in a conductor depends on the _______ as well as the voltage.resistancepowercoulombs stoppednone of the aboveQuestion 4. Question :(TCO 5) Which of the following is a not a similarity between magnets and electrical charges?There are attractive and repelling forces between unlike or like poles or charges.Both magnets and electrical charges establish fields.Both exert forces at a distance.Both magnetic poles and electric charges can be separated.Question 5. Question :(TCO 5) The magnitude of the resistance of a wire depends on _________.the length of the wirethe cross-sectional area of the wirethe temperature of the wireall of these are trueQuestion 6. Question :(TCO 4) What are the differences between ionic and covalent chemical bonds? Give an example of a compound formed from these bonds.quiz 5(TCO 8) A nucleus is found in:bacteria.eukaryotic algae.All of the above:Question 2. Question :(TCO 8) The endoplasmic reticulum:functions in the internal transport of macromolecules.carries on cellular the site of photosynthesis.INCORRECT is dispersed nuclear material of DNA and protein.Question 3. Question :(TCO 8) The order in which the stages of mitosis proceed is:anaphase, interphase, metaphase, prophase, telophase.interphase, anaphase, metaphase, prophase, telophase.prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, interphase.interphase, telophase, prophase, anaphase, metaphase.Question 4. Question :(TCO 7) A food chain typically begins with:decomposers.producers.commensals.consumers.Question 5. Question :(TCO 7) Which one of the following is a logical food chain?Grass-grasshopper-horseFish-grasshopper-snakeLight-grass-humanGrass-cow-humanQuestion 6. Question :(TCOs 7, 8) Describe what happens in the different phases of mitosis.

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