Exam employee benefits 100 MCQs

Exam employee benefits
1. Edward Marchand, the owner of Archway Manufacturing, provides on-site ATMs and dry cleaningpick-up for his employees. Mr. Marchand is taking a _______ approach to employee benefit planning.A. marketing researchB. collective bargainingC. life-cycleD. work/life2. In most states, if an employee becomes involuntarily unemployed because of a layoff, how long does heor she have before unemployment benefits run out?A. 26 weeksB. 20 weeksC. 52 weeksD. 39 weeks3. Which one of the following statements describes an advantage of using a telephone system tocommunicate information to employees regarding benefit plans?A. Employees are able to get the information at a time that’s convenient for them.B. The benefit planners don’t have to listen to criticisms about the benefit plan.C. The lack of human interaction makes it easier for shy employees to make their benefit choices.D. Telephone systems are easy to update with new-employee and new-dependent information.4. The following choices describe four individuals at the time they became disabled. Which one of theseindividuals meets the work requirements for receiving disability under Social Security?A. Carolyn, a 31-year-old, worked for three consecutive years after her children were old enough to be in school.B. Marilyn, a 24-year-old, has earned credits equal to four quarters of coverage.C. Carlos, a 25-year-old blind man, is not yet fully insured under Social Security.D. Ivan, a 23-year-old, has worked for two consecutive years at a job for which he earns $25,000 per year.5. Which of the following approaches would be best for using marketing research to determine the benefitsthat employees need?A. Conduct a meeting with senior management to determine what benefit changes should be made.B. Give employees questionnaires with open-ended questions so that they may express their concerns and opinions about thebenefit plan.C. Conduct personal interviews with employees; then conduct a competitive analysis to determine what your competitors areoffering.D. Conduct personal interviews with employees or have them complete questionnaires with closed-ended questions.6. If you were laid off from your job and became temporarily disabled while still unemployed, which of thefollowing states would you hope to be living in?A. FloridaB. New JerseyC. AlabamaD. Ohio7. Which one of the following objectives would be appropriate for an employer to use with the benefit planthat he or she offers?A. To implement an annual increase of 3 percent in the salary of management employeesB. To establish and maintain an employee benefit program that rewards the efforts of the employeesC. To establish a holiday bonus plan for the years 2003 and 2004D. To provide Prudential medical insurance to all employees8. What does the term pay-as-you-go mean in relation to the method by which Social Security paysbenefits?A. Monthly premiums paid by all workers are used to pay benefits.B. Taxes on current workers are used to pay benefits to current beneficiaries.C. General revenues are used to pay Social Security benefits.D. Taxes on the benefits of retired people are used to pay benefits to current beneficiaries.9. Martin is a 63-year-old fully insured employee. How will his 65-year-old wife pay for her Part AMedicare?A. She will pay through the old age and survivors’ trust fund.B. She will pay monthly premiums and will be supplemented from federal revenues.C. She won’t have to pay for her Part A Medicare.D. She will pay through a flat tax on income up to a certain amount.10. The term primary insurance amount refers to the amount thatA. a dependent spouse receives at the age of 62.B. a worker receives each month if he or she retires at full retirement age.C. an employee must pay toward health insurance.D. an employee must earn to become fully insured under Social Security.11. Which one of the following statements is true for workers’ compensation laws?A. Most state workers’ compensation laws cover agriculture workers and domestic employees.B. Under the previously held standard of the fellow-servant doctrine, any evidence of a worker’s negligence would deny him orher coverage for an on-the-job injury.C. Workers’ compensation laws are generally based on the principle of liability without fault.D. All states require employers to purchase workers’ compensation from an insurance company.12. Which of the following important elements should be established before the benefit-planning processbegins?A. ObjectivesB. SurveysC. Medical insurance ratesD. Outsourcing vendor bids13. Joe, a 27-year-old man, was in a car accident in July 2003. He was paralyzed from the neck down andis now in a wheelchair. Joe graduated from college in June 1999 and got his first job in July 1999, with anannual salary of $20,000. Until the day of his accident, he continued to work for the same company,receiving annual salary increases. Is Joe eligible for Social Security disability insurance? Why or why not?A. No, Joe didn’t make enough money during his years of employment.B. Yes, at the age of 27, Joe would need only three years of work credit to be eligible, and he has four years of work credit.C. Yes, he’s currently insured because he has at least six quarters of coverage out of the last 13-quarter period.D. No, Joe doesn’t have enough work credit because he didn’t begin his career until 1999.14. Which one of the following methods is becoming the increasingly accepted method for determiningemployee benefit needs?A. Competitor analysisB. Collectively bargained benefitsC. Marketing researchD. Employer perception of employee needs15. Eligibility for Social Security benefits depends upon an individual’s credit for a minimum amount ofwork under the program. What is this credit based upon?A. Special savings requirementsB. Monthly premiumsC. Quarters of coverageD. Earnings per year16. At what age do disabled widows and widowers become eligible for Medicare Part A at no cost?A. 30B. 40C. 60D. 5017. Of the following items, which accounts for the largest payroll deductions for employees?A. Educational assistanceB. Medical insuranceC. Social Security and Medicare taxesD. Life insuranceEnd of exam18. The main objective of unemployment insurance is toA. provide temporary monetary assistance for individuals who are involuntarily out of work.B. assist an employer in acquiring appropriate personnel in times of need.C. assist the federal government in tracking the unemployment rate.D. provide funding to the Social Security and Medicare programs.19. Which one of the following statements is true regarding the Social Security and Medicare reserve trustfunds?A. Both funds are sufficient for providing coverage up to and well beyond 2040.B. The reserves in these funds are relatively small.C. It’s illegal for the U.S. Treasury to borrow from these funds to cover government deficits.D. The funds remain adequate due to increased payroll taxes.20. With respect to communicating employee benefits, which one of the following devices is federallymandated?A. Face-to-face meetings with employees to be sure everyone understands the planB. Disclosure provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security ActC. Computer access for each employee to retrieve benefit information 24 hours a dayD. Written communication explaining in-depth the benefit plan21. If an employer wants to provide life insurance as a benefit but can’t afford to offer a large amount,which of the following contract provisions would that employer probably use?A. Combination benefit scheduleB. Position scheduleC. Earnings scheduleD. Flat-benefit schedule22. Under what condition would it be a good idea for an employer to offer supplemental long-term disabilityincome insurance at the employee’s expense?A. The employer would like to attract and retain employees.B. The job that the majority of the employees do is hazardous.C. The employees have requested the additional insurance on the employee benefit survey.D. The employer would like the employees to pay for more of their own benefits.23. Berk’s Manufacturing requires all of its nondisabled employees to retire when they become eligible forMedicare. What law is this company breaking?A. Employee Retirement Income Security ActB. Social Security ActC. Mental Health Parity ActD. Age Discrimination in Employment Act24. Suppose an employee with a chronic medical condition were allowed to choose a higher amount ofgroup insurance benefits. This situation an example ofA. determination of eligibility.B. contributory selection.C. preexisting condition.D. adverse selection.25. What is one good reason for an employer to provide group universal life insurance to employees?A. This type of insurance is the main incentive in attracting and retaining the best employees.B. The coverage is versatile enough to meet the needs of each employee.C. The life insurance can still be available at a group rate.D. Employees can continue to have insurance coverage after retirement.26. If an employee has $100,000 in group term life insurance and dies at the age of 67, what amount may bepaid to the beneficiaries on his or her death if reductions are taken based on age?A. $35,000B. $65,000C. $67,000D. $89,000 ??????27. What event may allow an employee to begin collecting some of his or her life insurance money while heor she is still alive?A. The employee is diagnosed with AIDS.B. The employee is experiencing a hardship.C. The employee is diagnosed with diabetes.D. The employee is in the process of buying a house.28. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding beneficiary designation of death benefitsunder group insurance?A. Some insurance contracts require that a change in a designated beneficiary be specified to the insurance company in writing.B. If an employee has no designated living beneficiary, death benefits are paid to the state.C. Some states prohibit naming the employer as the beneficiary.D. Without exception, an employee has the right to name his or her beneficiary.29. Bob wants to retire. He knows how much he’ll receive for his monthly pension. What will help him feelsecure that inflation won’t increase his bills so much that he can’t afford to pay them?A. Social SecurityB. ERISAC. COLAD. COBRA30. Which one of the following benefits may be included by an employer as extra coverage in accidentaldeath and dismemberment insurance?A. The employer is given a temporary employee until the disabled employee can return.B. The beneficiary of the disabled employee is given transportation to the employee’s rehabilitation facility.C. The deceased employee’s body is flown home.D. Funeral costs are paid.31. Sarah Mason has group life insurance through her employer. One option Sarah has at retirement is toA. keep the group life insurance the same as it was before retirement.B. transfer the balance in the group life insurance account into an IRA.C. transfer the life insurance benefit to a working spouse.D. increase the amount of the pure insurance.32. The short-term disability benefits from an employer are combined with _______ to make sure that theemployee doesn’t receive benefits that are more than his or her salary.A. earnings from employmentB. pension-plan paymentsC. sick-leave plansD. workers’ compensation payments33. Why might an employer with fewer than 15 employees be required to offer medical insurance benefitsto a pregnant employee?A. Because the employer offers medical insurance benefits to nonpregnant employeesB. Because the employer may be held responsible if the child is born with medical problemsC. Because the state in which the employer operates requires itD. Because the employer provides sick leave for employees34. Bob, a 10-year employee of Company X, is in the Army Reserve. Bob’s Reserve unit was called toserve overseas for three months. Company X told Bob that his position would be held for him until hereturned. Bob was permanently injured, losing an arm and a foot while fighting overseas. When hereturned, what would most likely be Bob’s disability income payment?A. Bob would receive no payments.B. Bob would receive 100 percent of his pay after his 30 days of sick leave were used.C. Bob would receive 100 percent of his pay from Company X for the first six months of his disability and 60 percent thereafter.D. Bob would receive 100 percent of his pay from Company X as soon as he returned to the United States.35. What is the term used to describe a situation in which an employee maintains his or her group coverageafter employment is terminated?A. PortabilityB. PersistencyC. ComityD. Underwriting36. Regarding underwriting considerations, what information may an employer have to provide to aninsurance company to show that the company is insurable?A. The employer’s financial recordsB. The firm’s total number of employeesC. References from customersD. The employees’ health histories37. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding paid time off programs?A. A PTO program encourages employees to take time off for specified sick-leave days, regardless of whether they’re sick ornot.B. An employee is assured a specified bank of leave days, for any purpose, at full pay.C. An employee is assured a specified bank of leave days, for any purpose, at a slightly reduced level of pay.D. PTO programs haven’t impacted the average number of sick-leave days that employees are likely to take.38. A disability plan with a COLA most likely would help prevent which of the following from happening?End of examA. The employee can’t afford the cost of groceries after retirement.B. The employee can’t get a reduction in the cost of prescription medication.C. The employee doesn’t qualify for Medicaid.D. The employee doesn’t have medical insurance to cover the cost of hospitalization.39. Suppose an employer has a pressing need to attract new engineers. As an incentive, the companyincreases its amount of life insurance for its engineers from $80,000 to $120,000, while coverage for allother company positions remains the same. This company’s life insurance benefits are most likely based ona/an _______ schedule.A. combination of benefitsB. earningsC. positionD. flat-benefit40. Suppose an employer makes a job offer to a potential employee. However, the employer thendiscovers that the potential new hire has a level of hearing loss that would interfere with his jobperformance. Even though the employer feels the job candidate is the best qualified among currentapplicants, he withdraws the job offer because it would cost the company a significant amount of money toaccommodate his disability. The company is supported in its decision by the _______ Act.A. Health Insurance Portability and AccountabilityB. Mental Health ParityC. Social SecurityD. Americans with Disabilities41. What has been a contributing factor in the rise in health care costs from the 1970s to the 1990s?A. SIDSB. MedicaidC. MedicareD. AIDS42. When Blue Cross first began, it was in the business of providing coverage forA. physician care for the elderly.B. physician care for the financially needy.C. prescriptions.D. hospitalization.43. Mary goes to the doctor and pays for her visit. When she gets home, she must fill out a form and submitit to the insurance company so she can be reimbursed. What type of insurance does she most likely have?A. IndemnityB. HMOC. POSD. The Blues44. Tracy is a benefits manager for FHB associates. She has been in the benefits industry for nearly 30years and has seen many changes throughout her career. What change in HMOs has she most likely seenthat her employees are the happiest about?A. New members can now choose their primary provider from a list of possible physicians.B. New members are now assigned a primary care physician.C. Limited choice of providers is available within a certain area.D. Limited treatment is provided outside the approved network providers.45. Who ran the first medical expense “insurance” organizations that soon came to be called Blue Crossplans?A. Charity organizationsB. HospitalsC. PhysiciansD. Employers46. Which accrediting organization would be most likely to post HMO and POS reports on the Internet?A. HEDISB. NCQAC. URACD. JCAHO47. The major shift in health care in the 1990s was that most employees wereA. now covered by an indemnity plan.B. responsible for paying for their own insurance.C. now covered under a managed care plan.D. now c
vered under a traditional insurance plan.48. If a woman covered by a managed care plan believes that she’s pregnant, in most states, whom shouldshe call first?A. Her primary care physician, to make an appointment so that she can be referred to an obstetricianB. Her obstetrician, because she doesn’t need preauthorization for careC. Her managed care plan, to get preauthorization for careD. Her employer, to get preauthorization for care49. HMOs and PPOs are examples ofA. point-of-service plans.B. the Blues.C. Medicaid.D. managed care plans.50. A benefit plan that provides a less expensive choice for treatment is often a smart way to reduce costs.An example of this type of plan isA. requiring higher deductibles.B. implementing maximum benefits.C. allowing the use of birthing centers.D. allowing longer hospital stays.51. Bob is insured under a managed care plan. Under this plan, he’s allowed toA. participate in a weight-control program.B. go to any hospital he wants.C. go to any doctor he wants.D. avoid review requirements.52. A new mom delivered her healthy baby by cesarean section on Monday at 8 P.M. Her insurancecompany has told her doctor that if she goes home on Wednesday by 8 P.M, it will provide a visit by anurse to the new mom’s home. Is the insurance company able to offer this benefit? Why, or why not?A. No, the Newborns’ and Mothers’ Health Protection Act makes it mandatory that a new mom with a cesarean section remainin the hospital for a full 96 hours after delivery.B. Yes, the insurance company may offer this as an option to staying in the hospital because hospital expenses are remarkablyhigh.C. Yes, the new mom is allowed to have a nurse come to her home because she didn’t use the full allowed amount of recoverytime in the hospital.D. No, the Newborns’ and Mothers’ Health Protection Act doesn’t allow extra benefits for patients who don’t use the 96 hoursof allowed recovery time in the hospital unless those who stay receive it as well.53. Which one of the following types of review is conducted after a patient has already been treated for thepurpose of determining if the treatment was appropriate?A. ReactiveB. ConcurrentC. RetrospectiveD. Prospective54. Suppose an employee’s 18-year-old son has group medical insurance as a dependent of the employee.Which one of the following reasons would cause the son to lose his insurance benefits?A. The son joins the Navy.B. The son moves away to go to college.C. The son graduates from high school.D. The employee gets divorced.55. Company X must make sure that it provides HMO coverage as an option in its benefit-selectionprocess. What act would require Company X to do this?A. Americans with Disabilities ActB. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ActC. Financial Services Modernization ActD. Health Maintenance Organization Act56. Julio wants data to compare the performance of three different managed care plans before he makes achoice for his company as to which one will be most effective for his employees. Which tool will be mosteffective for these comparisons?A. Health Plan Employer Data and Information SetB. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare OrganizationsC. National Committee for Quality InsuranceD. Utilization Review Accreditation Commission57. Jim and Betty are married with one child, and both are employed by the same company. Jim, who wasborn on February 9, 1968, has been with the company for 10 years. Betty, who was born on May 12,1965, has been with the company for eight years. Who is the primary provider of health care coverage forthe child?A. Both Betty and Jim, because they have the same insuranceB. Betty, because she’s older than JimC. Jim, because he’s been with the company longer than BettyD. Jim, because of his date of birthEnd of exam58. Continental Company employs 22 people—14 males and 8 females. This company would beconsidered a _______ employer.A. well-balancedB. smallC. discriminatoryD. growing59. What was the initial reason for the dramatic rise in health care coverage in the 1960s?A. The DepressionB. The increase in employee benefitsC. The introduction of HMOsD. The introduction of Medicare and Medicaid60. Because Dr. Roberts participates in an IPA, what type of patients can she see?A. Only Medicare and Medicaid patientsB. Only patients who have been assigned to herC. HMO patientsD. Any patient she wants to see61. When an employer self-funds its company’s benefits, management may choose to outsource somerelated administrative functions. This sort of arrangement would be covered under a/anA. cost-plus scheme.B. ASO contract.C. self-funding clause.D. stop-loss coverage plan.62. Why would an employer want to consider having a shorter dental probationary period?A. To attract and retain new employeesB. To reduce the volume of first-year claimsC. To provide care immediately to avoid greater dental problems laterD. To make sure the employees’ dental health is acceptable63. Employees of the Hikesman Group are eligible for three months’ maternity leave. According to law, if anemployee adopts a child, that employee is eligible for _______ percent of the maternity leave.A. 50B. 0C. 100D. 2564. A good reason for an employer to convert its traditional benefits program to a cafeteria plan isA. reducing employee discontent.B. better managing negotiations with unions.C. reducing the risk of adverse selection.D. lowering costs.65. If an employer provides a preretirement-counseling program for its employees, the program would beconsidered to beA. a form of extra payment to employees.B. an extra service to employees.C. a discrimination in favor of older employees.D. legally required social insurance.66. Which one of the following is considered as a wellness program?A. Treatment for drug abuseB. Access to Alcoholics AnonymousC. On-site counseling with a therapistD. On-site mammogram screenings67. Which one of the following conditions represents a valid reason for paid time off?A. Serving in active military dutyB. Conducting research as a faculty memberC. Caring for a sick childD. Attending a program of education68. Simpson, Inc. is seeking increased available cash for investment purposes. The company’s CFOexamines the company’s funding methods for group insurance and finds a way to use insurance paymentsfor an extra three months. Most likely the CFO has opted for aA. premium-delay arrangement.B. self-funding plan.C. cost-plus arrangement.D. minimum-premium plan.69. How many dental cleaning(s) do most dental plans allow in one year?A. ThreeB. OneC. TwoD. Four70. Suppose a movie theater provides movie tickets to its employees. This benefit is considered to be aA. service award.B. no-additional-cost service.C. service plan.D. taxable service.71. Regarding company wellness programs, which of the following statements is correct?A. They’re typically initiated by small companies with only a few employees.B. Such programs are very seldom integrated with managed care plans.C. No evidence indicates that such programs increase productivity or employees’ sense of well-being.D. The costs of such programs are often offset by the lowered costs of medical expenses.72. Carlos has lived in a long-term care facility for two years. He had to go into the hospital for 10 days.When he was released from the hospital, he had to find a new place to live. What was probably the reasonfor this predicament?A. His care coordination benefit was canceled.B. He didn’t have a bed reservation benefit.C. His respite-care benefits didn’t continue during the hospital stay.D. His 10-day absence from the facility required that he reapply for long-term benefits.73. Veracruz Corp. is paying heavy dental expenses for employees who have been in the dental plan foronly one or two months. Which one of the following options could the company adopt to reduce theseexpenses?A. Allow employees to select dental insurance year-round.B. Establish a late enrollment period in which employees can make their dental selections at a later date.C. Increase the benefits directly following enrollment.D. Reduce benefits for employees for a period of time after late enrollment.74. Which one of the following types of alternative funding schemes is mainly aimed at reducing statepremium taxes?A. Premium-delay arrangementB. Retrospective-rating arrangementC. Minimum premium planD. Cost-plus arrangement75. Adoptions, name changes, and bankruptcies can be covered underA. FMLA.B. property and liability insurance plans.C. cost-plus arrangements.D. legal expense insurance plans.76. Which type of group benefit plan probably uses self-funding more than the rest?A. Long-term disability planB. Short-term disability income planC. Retrospect-rating planD. Noncontributory plan77. A chronically ill person is being cared for at home by her grandson. The grandson decides to take atwo-week vacation to Italy. What long-term care benefit would most likely provide care for thegrandmother while her grandson is away?A. Intermediate careB. Adult day careC. Respite careD. Custodial care78. Under which type of group legal expense plan would an employee be expected to pay the completeattorney’s charges?A. Contingency planB. Comprehensive planC. Referral and discount planEnd of examD. Access plan79. Debating the pros and cons of employee child-care plans, Lorraine maintains that the most commonapproach is to provide reimbursements to employees for making their own child-care arrangements.Lawrence neither agrees nor disagrees with Lorraine’s contention, but he insists that the number of onsitechild-care facilities is growing. Who is correct?A. Both Lawrence and Lorraine are correct.B. Only Lorraine is correct.C. Only Lawrence is correct.D. Neither Lawrence nor Lorraine is correct.80. A stop-smoking program for employees is considered to be a/an _______ program.A. lifestyle managementB. employee assistanceC. fitnessD. medical screening81. Acme Co. uses a particular retirement plan to finance the business. This plan is called a/anA. employee savings of pensions.B. employer savings option plan.C. employee security ownership plan.D. employee stock ownership plan.82. A major cause for the establishment of the Social Security system was theA. collapse of the stock market.B. Great Depression.C. Revenue Act of 1921.D. Revenue Act of 1926.83. McCarthy Plumbing pays its employees a retirement benefit of 15 percent of their ending salary,regardless of the amount of time they’ve worked for the company. What type of defined-benefit plan doesMcCarthy Plumbing offer?A. Guaranteed-account formulaB. Flat-benefit formulaC. Past serviceD. Unit-benefit formula84. A qualified joint and survivor annuity is a/anA. mandatory death benefit for a spouse.B. postretirement death benefit for a spouse that’s payable even if the spouse remarries.C. nontaxable savings plan.D. open-ended death benefit in which a spouse can enroll at any time.85. Under ERISA, how often must the assets of all qualified plans be valued by the actuary?A. Every other yearB. Every three yearsC. Every five yearsD. Every year86. John works for a company that uses the fractional rule to determine the accrued retirement benefitgranted to its employees. John retires at age 60 after working for the company for 20 years. The plan’snormal retirement age is 65. If John receives a benefit of $40,000 at 65, what will he receive when heretires at age 60?A. $32,000B. $20,000C. $35,000D. $28,00087. Les is a high-level executive with a seven-figure salary. Part of his executive compensation includes apension. What type of pension is Les most likely to have?A. Cadillac planB. Highly compensated planC. Qualified planD. Nonqualified plan88. Worth & Son Inc. is considering a pension plan that would integrate with the participant’s Social Securitybenefits. Why would the company want to do this?A. To lower the cost for the employerB. To make the benefit plan easier to understand and administerC. To encourage retirement of the older employeesD. To attract and retain younger employees89. Matrix Insurance holds the assets of Stream Corporation’s qualified retirement plan in a separateaccount. What is the probable reason that Matrix would do so?A. Matrix Insurance is a funding agency.B. Stream Corporation doesn’t have a stable benefit disbursement history.C. Stream Corporation is a whole-life contract provider.D. Matrix Insurance and Stream Corporation are partners.90. Regarding contributory pension plans, which statement is most accurate?A. The contributory approach lowers the cost of pension benefit plans.B. Employees appreciate their benefit plans more when they contribute to benefit funding.C. Contributory plans give employees some degree of choice in allocating their compensation between cash and deferredbenefits.D. The least favorable contributory plan involves salary reduction.91. Which one of the following pension plans is considered to be a profit-sharing plan?A. Money-purchase pension planB. Defined-benefit pension planC. Age-weighted planD. Cash-balance pension plan92. Gahanna Inc. receives tax benefits from its retirement plan. Therefore, you can probably assume thatthe plan isA. exempt.B. qualified.C. federally mandated.D. nonqualified.93. Which one of the following groups would be exempt from minimum funding standards?A. PhysiciansB. ElectriciansC. LawyersD. Postal workers94. Ken wants to appeal a tax assessment of $20,000. He would like to be able to appeal the assessmentwithout having to pay the $20,000 first. Which court should he appeal to?A. Federal District CourtB. Federal Appeals CourtC. U.S. Tax CourtD. U.S. Claims Court95. For all practical purposes, which of the following is the primary source of significant regulationsregarding employee benefits?A. Internal Revenue ServiceB. Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationC. Department of LaborD. Constitution of the United States96. Overall, the simplest form of a qualified plan is a _______ plan.A. government subsidizedB. target pensionC. money-purchaseD. profit-sharing97. Jeff and his wife have been separated for six months and have filed for divorce. Jeff retired from hiscompany last week, and his benefits department gave him a form to sign that would give his spouse anannuity for the rest of her life. Jeff doesn’t want his wife to receive these benefits. What must he do?A. Once he and his wife are divorced, the annuity will be canceled.B. He must send written confirmation to the benefit administrator that he doesn’t desire this benefit.C. He doesn’t have to do anything. Unless the form is signed by Jeff, the annuity won’t be valid.D. He must have his wife sign the form (refusing the benefit) and have it notarized.98. Mr. Miesner owns a 25 percent interest in the company where he’s the CEO. Based on thisinformation, you can assume that Mr. Miesner isA. a leased employee.End of examB. ineligible for special tax treatment.C. a highly compensated employee.D. eligible for early retirement.99. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discrimination based on race, religion, sex, ornational origin. Which of these factors had a significant impact on pension designs?A. National originB. Race ???C. ReligionD. Sex???100. OASDI is an acronym that explains how to calculateA. final pension numbers.B. Social Security benefits.C. maximum offset allowance.D. service dates

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