How should the Australian Professional Teaching Standards be referenced?

As the Standards are a Government publication they should be referenced as such. You need the ‘author’ which is the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Ltd., date, title and then publishing area (Canberra) and publisher (Education Services Australia). Remember not to use abbreviations in a reference list and to include where retrieved from as per the APA reference guide.
For Early Childhood Education, to reference the National Quality Standard, follow the same APA format.

When can abbreviations be used?

Abbreviations must, on their first appearance be written-out completely and followed immediately by its abbreviation in parentheses. There after the abbreviation can be used in text without further explanation (do not switch between the abbreviation and written-out forms of a term) (Publication Manual of American Psychological Association).
For example “Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership” (AITSL) can be used in text as per APA reference guide.

How should the lectures be referenced?

It is in your interests to use independent material taken from ‘strong’ references (research reports, journal articles, scholarly books) that are not required reading for other units and also avoid over-reliance on topic notes and/or lectures (‘weak’ references) which are merely a summary/amalgamation of a range of literature. The APA reference guide states how to reference lectures should you choose to use them as a reference.

Can I use material from another unit?

We caution you all to be very careful about using material from other units, most particularly topic notes, as you may inadvertently use material that you have presented in that unit for assessment. This is contrary to the assessment policy and results in loss of marks. Turn It In picks up dual use of material so markers are made aware of this.

Do in-text references count as words?

Yes, in-text references are included in the word count. Only the reference list is not.

Do I use one reference list overall or one after each question?

It is better after each question to keep the references distinct, but not compulsory.

Can the standards just be referred to by number e.g. 1.3?

You need to link the standards by paraphrasing – you cannot just put the number as you need to explain the relevance. It is a matter of précis.

Can I use diagrams?

There is no need for a diagram – it would need to add something to your response and need to be considered in the word count.

Can I use dot points?

Although this task is a set of academic paragraphs and not an essay, paragraphs require formal academic structure which is sentence form, not dot points.

Can I ask a tutor to look at my assignment to state whether it is on the right track?

We cannot give you specific feedback regarding the approach that you are taking as this would not be fair to all other students. The assessment policy makes clear that drafts are not to be commented upon.

Can I use first person?

For the first section of each question you will be discussing theory and for the second part the application of theory to your work as a teacher. When written in an integrated style you would be formal for the theory section and can use ‘I’ for the application to teaching: e.g. Laissez-faire teachers (aaaaaa, 2010) can appear to be disorganised and even uncaring about their students (bbbbbbb, 2006). While my preferred style is xxxxxx, I would apply laissez-faire approaches when teaching ….

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