Phy 111 Exam 2 – If the net work done on an object is negative, then the object?s kinetic energy

Phy 111 Exam 2 (with all answers explained).MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.1) If the net work done on an object is negative, then the object?s kinetic energyA) increases.B) remains the same.C) is zero.D) decreases.E) cannot be determined without knowing the object mass.1)Three applied forces, F1 = 20.0 N, F2 = 40.0 N, and F3 = 10.0 N act on an object with a mass of 2.00 kg which can movealong an inclined plane as shown in the figure. Questions 2 and 3 refer to the instant when the object has moved 0.600m along the surface of the inclined plane in the upward direction. Neglect friction and use g = 10.0 m/s2 .2) What is the work done by force F2 as the object moves up the inclined plane?A) 12.0 JB) 16.0 JC) 20.8 JD) 24.0 J3) What is the work done by the force F3 as the object moves up the inclined plane?A) 20.8 JB) 0 JC) 16.0 JD) 12.0 J12)E) 0 J3)E) 24.0 J4) You slam on the brakes of your car in a panic, and skid a certain distance on a straight, level road.If you had been traveling twice as fast, what distance would the car have skidded, under the sameconditions?A) It would have skidded one half as far.B) It would have skidded 4 times farther.C) It would have skidded 1.4 times farther.D) It would have skidded twice as far.E) It is impossible to tell from the information given.4)5) A lightweight object and a very heavy object are sliding with equal speeds along a level frictionlesssurface. They both slide up the same frictionless hill. Which rises to a greater height?A) The light object, because it has smaller kinetic energy.B) They both slide to the same height.C) The heavy object, because it has greater kinetic energy.D) The lightweight object, because it weighs less.E) The heavy object, because it weighs more.5)FIGURE 8-6A roller coaster of mass 80.0 kg is moving with a speed of 20.0 m/s at position A as shown in the figure above. The verticalheight at position A above ground level is 200 m. Neglect friction and use g = 10.0 m/s2 .6) What is the speed of the roller coaster at point B?A) 66.3 m/sB) 17.6 m/sC) 46.9 m/sD) 20.0 m/sE) There is not enough information to solve this problem.6)7) An object of mass 4 kg is thrown vertically upwards from ground level with an initial speed of 20m/s. Ignore friction and use g = 10 m/s2 . What is the kinetic energy of the object as it reaches its7)maximum height?A) 800 JB) 0 JC) 400 JD) 80 JE) 200 J8) In a collision between two unequal masses, how does the impulse imparted to the smaller mass bythe larger mass compare with the impulse imparted to the larger mass by the smaller one?A) It is larger.B) They are equal.C) It is smaller.D) The answer depends on the ratio of the masses.E) The answer depends on how fast they are moving.28)9) A 0.140-kg baseball is dropped from rest from a height of 2.2 m above the ground. It rebounds to aheight of 1.6 m. What change in the ball?s momentum occurs when the ball hits the ground? (take g= 9.80 m/s 2 ).9)A) 1.70 kg·m/s upwardsB) 0.117 kg·m/s upwardsC) 0.350 kg·m/s upwardsD) 0.350 kg·m/s downwardsE) 0.117 kg·m/s downwards10) A 3.0-kg object moves to the right at 4.0 m/s. It collides head-on with a 6.0-kg object moving tothe left at 2.0 m/s. Which statement is correct?A) The total momentum before the collision is 24 kg · m/s, and after the collision is 0 kg · m/s.B) The total momentum both before and after the collision is zero.C) The total momentum both before and after the collision is 24 kg · m/s.D) The total momentum before the collision is 0 kg · m/s, and after the collision is 24 kg · m/s.E) None of the above is true.10)11) A fan is turned off, and its angular speed decreases from 10.0 rad/s to 6.3 rad/s in 5.0 s. What is themagnitude of the angular acceleration of the fan?A) 0.86 rad/s211)B) 1.16 rad/s2C) 11.6 rad/s2D) 0.74 rad/s2E) 0.37 rad/s212) A child is riding a merry-go-round which completes one revolution every 8.36 s. The child isstanding 4.65 m from the center of the merry-go-round. What is the magnitude of the centripetalacceleration of the child?A) 0.0664 m/s212)B) 6.84 m/s2C) 0.696 m/s2D) 3.94 m/s2E) 2.63 m/s213) A Ferris wheel of radius 8.00 m rotates at a constant rate, completing one revolution in 30.0 s. Whatis the apparent weight of a 60.0-kg passenger when she is at the top of the wheel? (take g = 9.80m/s2 )A) 567 NB) 432 NC) 325 ND) 615 NE) 589 N14) Two equal forces are applied to a door at the doorknob. The first force is applied perpendicular tothe plane of the door; the second force is applied at 30° to the plane of the door. Which force exertsthe greater torque about the hinge line?A) the second applied at an angleB) both exert zero torquesC) the first applied perpendicular to the doorD) both exert equal non-zero torquesE) Additional information is needed.313)14)15) An 82.0 kg-diver stands at the edge of a light 5.00-m diving board, which is supported by twopillars 1.60 m apart, as shown in the figure above. Find the force exerted by pillar B on the board.(take g = 9.80 m/s 2 )15)A) 1.71 kN downwardsB) 3.44 kN upwardsC) 2.51 kN downwardsD) 2.51 kN upwardsE) 1.71 kN upwards16) A 60.0-kg man stands at one end of a 20.0-kg uniform 10.0-m long board. How far from the manis the center of mass of the man-board system?A) 5.00 mB) 7.50 mC) 9.00 mD) 2.50 mE) 1.25 m16)17) A merry-go-round spins freely when Janice moves quickly to the center along a radius of themerry-go-round. It is true to say that (define the system as the merry-go-round + Janice)A) the moment of inertia of the system decreases and the angular speed decreases.B) the moment of inertia of the system decreases and the angular speed remains the same.C) the moment of inertia of the system increases and the angular speed increases.D) the moment of inertia of the system decreases and the angular speed increases.E) the moment of inertia of the system increases and the angular speed decreases.17)18) Two objects attract each other gravitationally. If the distance between their centers is cut in half,the gravitational forceA) is cut to one fourth.B) is cut in half.C) quadruplesD) remains the sameE) doubles.18)19) A satellite completes one full orbit around Earth. The work performed by Earth?s gravitationalforce on the satellite isA) negative most of the time.B) always negative.C) zero J.D) always positive.E) positive most of the time.19)20) The moons of Mars, Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Terror), are very close to the planet compared toEarth?s Moon. Their orbital radii are 9,378 km and 23,459 km respectively. What is the ratio of theorbital speed, v, of Phobos to that of Deimos?A) 1.582B) 3.956C) 0.3998D) 0.2528E) 2.85820)4

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