POST BIO120 ALL UNITS assignments and discussions”>Unit 1 AssignmentHomework assignment: After reading both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, Answer the following 3 questions and relate them to one another:1.) How do you feel about scientific information that comes from tests financed by companies with a vested interest in the outcome?2.) How do you feel about experiments that were originally being developed and instead another outcome originated?3.) Can you find an example where data may have been faked? Do you feel this incident would show that science cannot be trusted? Or does it confirm the usefulness of a scientific approach because other scientists can expose the fraud?For example, look up the ‘invention’ of sucralose and the marketing of Olestra and discuss. Please provide your sources, and feel free to comment on other ‘inventions’ and other marketing studies you may find for extra credit. This assignment should be no more than 2 pages, and works cited are required at the end of the 2 page”>Unit 2 Assignment-Chapter 3Homework AssignmentAfter reading Chapter 3: Answer the Critical Thinking questions on page 61 of your text book.Answer in complete sentences, paragraph form. Please use Arial font, 12. Make sure to include all information and write in proper grammatical format. Include any resources at the end of your”>Unit 2 Assignment-Chapter 4After reading Chapter 4: Answer the questions under the critical thinking section on page 79 of your text book. Please answer in complete sentences. Write in Arial font, 12 size. Make sure to write in proper grammatical format for full”>Unit 3 Assignment – Chapter 5After reading Chapter 5: On page 95 of your text book, section 5.9 ‘A Burning Concern (revisited), discusses carbon dioxide emission in the atmosphere. In a few short paragraphs, briefly discuss what you think can help reverse this problem. Include what you feel you can do in your own life to help decrease carbon dioxide emmissions. Please include all academic sites and references used. Make sure the work is completed in Arial font, size 12, double spaced. To obtain full credit, please provide your answer in proper grammatical”>Unit 3 Assignment – Chapter 6After reading Chapter 6: Answer questions 1,2 and 3 of the Critical Thinking section on Page 110 of your text book. Make sure you include any references and academic sites used to help facilitate your answer. Complete work in Arial font, size 12, double spaced. Provide your answer in proper grammatical format, for full”>Unit 4 AssignmentHomework assignment: After reading Chapter’s 7 and 8, please use the internet or your library to research a specific cancer of interest. You learned that Cancer develops because gene expression is out of control, and built in check points fail. This results in the uncontrolled cell divisions that characterize cancer. We know that we can remove and/or treat some kinds of cancers, and some have a high success rate. In a one page paper briefly describe the cancer you chose. Include details on what is known about the origin of the cancer, treatments, and future goals in research for this cancer. At the end of your paper, please include your”>Unit 5 Assignment – Chapter 9Genetic Basis of Diseases and Disorders.In this unit, you learned that many human disorders and disease are associated with specific changes in the genome. Your assignment is to submit a two-page paper in APA format that reviews the gene(s) associated with ONE human disorder or disease.Your paper should briefly review the signs and symptoms of the disorders, hereditary pattern, diagnosis, testing, treatments, and prognosis (likely outcome after diagnosis). Most diseases are associated with more than one gene. You should list at least a few of these genes and their chromosome location. For one gene, you should provide additional information on the possible function of the gene if known (e.g. regulates the cell cycle, control muscle contraction, etc.). If the hereditary pattern is complex, you can focus on the hereditary pattern for the specific gene that you chose.Please open the attachment below for information about internet resources that can help you in your”>Unit 5 Assignment – Chapter 10After reading Chapter 10:Answer question 3 of the Critical Thinking questions on page 187 of your textbook. After answering the question, please state whether or not you have had or are willing to have a flu shot, and what are some of the positives/negatives that you can come up with regarding the use of flu shots. Include your resources at the end of the”>Unit 6 AssignmentHomework assignment: After reading Chapter’s 11 and 12, please use the internet, or your library, to research the evolution of a species. In a one page paper, describe the species, the time line on earth (might still be living, or may be extinct), and the genetic and environmental changes that have affected the species. Explain why this species has survived over time or has become extinct. Submit the one page paper, Arial Font 120, double spaced. Please include why you chose this species. At the end of your paper, please include your”>Unit 7 Assignment – Chapter 13After Reading Chapter 13: Refer to Page 259: Evolution and Infectious Disease (revisited). After reading this section, use the internet to research a viral disease. In a short paragraph provide the name of the disease, the virus involved and how it affects its host. Also add any research and development that has been done to protect the host from the viral disease. Can viral diseases be treated with medication? Are these illnesses contagious? Include your references at the end of the”>Unit 7 Assignment – Chapter 14After Reading Chapter 14: Answer #3 of the critical thinking question on page 283. This is your time to show your scientific skills and devise an experiment to test theUNIT 8 AssignmentAssignments submitted through this link will be checked using SafeAssign by Blackboard. Your work will not be used for any purpose other than preventing plagiarism in the University. Ownership of the intellectual property contained in your written work will not be transferred to any third party. Please submit your paper as a Word Document. If you have the 2010 version of Word, please save your paper in a previous version (Word 97-2003 document) as Safe Assign may not accept the most recent version.Human Population ControlMore than 6.7 billion people inhabit our planet. This does not include other species and their population numbers. Due to advances in technology and invention of agriculture, we have skirted the environmental resistance to growth. We have also impinged upon other species demographics. In a few short paragraphs, describe what do you feel would be a fair way to control our population growth? Include your resources at the end of your”>Unit 1 Discussion Board 1: ExperimentAs scientists and doing an experiment, you need to have an experimental group and a control group for testing a hypothesis. If you were a scientist, and with the knowledge you have, what kind of hypothesis would you test? Who would be in your control/experimental group?”>Unit 1 Discussion Board 2: WaterWhat is water, and why is water essential to life? List the three properties of water and how they are useful to many species on”>Unit 2 Discussion Board: Binge DrinkingBinge drinking is the most serious drug problem on college campuses in the United States. What organ does ethanol effect? What long term health effects, and other related injuries does binge drinking have on college students?”>Unit 3 Discussion Board 1: CloningEthanol and other fuels manufactured from crops currently cost more than gasoline, but they are renewable energy sources and have fewer emissions. How much of a premium would you pay to drive a vehicle that runs on biofuels?”>Unit 3 Discussion Board 2: BiofuelsShould animal cloning be banned? Do you feel that in the future, as research progresses in the field of cloning, that a human may be cloned?”>Unit 4 DB: Henrietta LacksIn 1950, Henrietta Lacks was suffering with Cervical cancer. The resident who was treating Henrietta took a sample from her cervix, and this sample was used to develop the HeLa cell line. The HeLa cell line is an immortal cell line which helped research the different polio viruses and lead to the development of vaccines for polio, amongst other medical advances. The ethical dilemma that arises from this great discovery is that no one asked Henrietta for permission to take a sample and use her cells for research. Henrietta died at the age of 31 because her runaway cell divisions killed her. Her cervical cancer spread quickly to other organs. However, her legacy lives on, as her cells are still dividing and being used-60 years after she died. No one knew, until 25 years after she died, that her cells were the HeLa cell line which has advanced cancer research to where it is today, as well as other medical treatment research. The family has not received any compensation to date. It is now illegal to sell one’s own organs or tissues, but no one is under a legal obligation to share profits reaped from research on a patient’s tissues-or cell lines derived from them. Should the family of Henrietta Lacks be compensated? Her cells are still being sold”>Unit 5 DB1: Prenatal vs preimplantation diagnosisWhat is prenatal diagnosis vs preimplantation diagnosis? What are their similarities and differences? How do you personally feel the availability of prenatal and preimplantation diagnosis changes our ability to reproduce?”>Unit 5 DB2: GMOsGenetically modified food do not have to be labeled as such, even though packaged foods in the United States must be labeled with nutritional information. Should food producers and distributers be required to identify products made from GMO plants or livestock?”>Unit 6 DB: Antibiotic resistant bacteriaThe advances in biotechnology, genetic research, and pharmaceutical discoveries have lead to the development of super resistant bacteria and animals to drugs. There are antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and there is a rise in pests that are resistant to poisons developed to destroy them. What can we do to protect ourselves from resistant strains of bacteria, and how can we control pests, like rats and mice, that are now becoming ‘immune’ to the poisons developed to keep them under control? Provide the resources and websites you”>Unit 7 DB1: DrugsDeveloping drugs for fighting AIDS is expensive. The drugs are expensive and protected by patents. Some insurance companies do not cover the cost of the drugs. Some people choose to pay out of pocket to protect their identity. How do you feel about patenting medicine that can save lives, and can you think of ways where protecting your identity would be important?”>Unit 7 DB2: PaperLogging removes trees and disrupts relationships between plants and soil fungi. Removing trees for building and for paper products can destroy populations that may take a long time to recover, if not recover at all. Recycling is a benefit for paper products, but can add to the expense of the paper product. Would you be willing to pay more for recycled paper, and magazines printed on recycled paper? Why or why not?”>Unit 8 DB: Population ControlEncouraging hunting is the least expensive way to reduce the number of wild species (Canadian geese and white tailed deer, for example) that has become a nuisance due to its increased numbers. Do you favor hunting as a way to control the size of a population?

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