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First 2 discussion replies: Each reply must be 200 words. Current Turabian formatting must be used, and acceptable sources include the Bible and your textbook.

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Replies to discussion | English homework help
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#1 discussion:

  In the book of Ezra, chapter 9 verses one through nine. The leaders came and said the Ezra, the Israelites, including the priest and the Levities, have not kept themselves separate from the people around us.


The people around them believe the worshiping pagan gods and not the true and living God as the Israelites. Their gods was of evil and wicked. Moses, spoke of these type of people in the book of Deuteronomy 12; 30-31 and paragraphing.


Be careful not to be trapped by the asking about their gods. Don’t say how these nations worship? I will do the same. Don’t the true and living God in the manner as they wish theirs.


The lord hates the evil ways they worship their gods. They even burn their sons and daughters as sacrifices to their gods.


These evil things were happening all around them and they knew this were the behavior of them and this why they separated from them.


Instead of staying free from them…the Israelite men and their sons have married these women of these non Jewish people.


In the book of Leviticus18; 3 states  You must not do what was done in that country. And you must not do as they do in the land of Canaan where i am bringing you. Do not follow their customs.


Leviticus 18; 26 teaches us that we must the laws and rules. You must not do these hated sins and the Israelites should follow them. This why they should have not mix themselves with the pagans worshipers.


Leviticus 18; 30 clearly states that God people must obey the laws. Don’t make yourself unclean by these hated sins. I am the Lords your God.


Today the bible, still teaches us to not to marry unequally yoke. The way I, understand that is for example we as the Christian…should not marry a none believer if having knowledge of it.


Because if this happens with us as a Christian know how the world lives, being a enemy of God and having a lot of evil doing. Why would a Christian want to mix themselves to marry non Christian people.


We’re surrounded around them daily…that’s why we must be careful not to fall for the devil snares and trick as he offer them unto us.


Now, it’s a powerful down fall when the leaders be the first to act out in doing wrong from the leaders role is very important to and for the people of God.


This will make the rest of the people of God to be unfaithful just as the leaders are doing. This is what Ezra so angry and rent himself of his robe, pull his hair out and beard.


Then everyone who trembled in fear at the word of the God of Israel gathered around him. This was because of the unfaithfulness of the captives who had returned.  Ezra, sat there in shock until late evening.


God, wishes the nothing from us other than follow his commandments, glorify him and praise him.


Julius Vinson


#2  discussion

In chapters 9:1-4 The Lord’s people including the priests and Levites did not keep themselves seperate from the intermarriage. 9:1) They have mingled the holy race with the peoples around them.( Ezra 9:2) Ezra admtis that he did wrong in the eyes of the Lord and tears his tunic. (Ezra 9:3) Ezra prayed to God and asked Him for forgiveness of having an intermariiage. (Ezra 9:4) God does not forsake His people. (Ezra 9:8) God clearly told his people not to intermarriage between races for if they do they are breaking the commandements of God. Ezra 9:13) Even though Ezra had an intermarriage God forgived him, and Ezra repented for his sin. 


I think that the practice of forbidding intermarriage would be considered racist today, becuase anyone that is against intermarriage is racist according to us today.The unsaved would esecially believe that this was racist today. The Lord however told us that we should not intermarriage and that it is a sin in His eyes. This is a very touchy subject, but I think we should follow the Lord’s instructions and should not have intermarriage. I am not racist, but I do believe in God and His word. 


Holy Bible New International Version (2011)



Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible Dr Harold Wilmington (2011)



Last 2 discussion replies: Each reply must be at least 250 words


# 3

  Mark’s Gospel contains no direct statement regarding the occasion or purpose for its writing. This information must be derived from the contents and presumed historical setting.[1] The following are some suggested purpose statements:

A.    To present a biographical portrait of Jesus as the Servant of the Lord.

Agree. Many scholars cite Mark 10:45 as the key verse for the Gospel of Mark, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (NIV) The Son of Man chose to be servant. Mark highlights two aspects of Jesus’ ministry of service. Mark depicts Jesus as teacher-preacher who has come to teach what people need to know about God and as a worker of miracles filled with compassion when he sees the suffering around him.[2] Jesus is also shown to be the suffering Servant of Yahweh who gave up his life for others in submission to God’s will (8:31).[3]

B.     To win converts to Jesus Christ.                                                                                 

Agree. The primary purpose of the Gospels as a whole is to present the gospel message – who Jesus was and what he did – and to call people to faith.[4] The second half of Mark emphasizes the redemptive nature of Christ’s death and resurrection. The purposes were both evangelism and edification. The book was designed to convince the reader of Christ’s deity and sacrificial death and to educate converts about the significance of Christ’s person and ministry.[5]

C.    To encourage persecuted Christians.

Disagree. Although the Gospel of Mark does encourage persecuted Christians by showing them that Jesus also suffered and died,[6] I don’t think this was Mark’s primary purpose in writing.  Mark is restrained in his record of the details of Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion. But certainly, his account of Jesus’ resurrection is a source of hope for all those who follow Him.

D.    To correct false ideas about Jesus and His messianic mission.

Agree. I agree in that the deity of Jesus and his divine mission are major themes in Mark’s Gospel. Mark begins his Gospel with his own confession (1:1) and closes it with the confession of the Roman centurion (15:39). Jesus is no ordinary human; he is the Son of God.[7] The deity of Jesus is confirmed by God the Father, by demons, by Jesus Himself and by the Roman centurion at his death. Mark also records Peter’s confession, “You are the Christ” (8:29).

Disagree. The issue of the “messianic secret” is inserted here. There are two thoughts: one, that Mark invented the messianic secret to cover up a failure by Jesus to proclaim himself the Messiah, and two, that Mark was trying to soften the political offensiveness to Roman authorities.[8] This decades-long preoccupation is dissipating and is no longer regarded as the sole or even central element of Markan intention.[9]

E.     To present and defend Jesus’ universal call to discipleship.

Agree. I believe this is the most likely purpose for the writing of the Gospel of Mark. For Mark, discipleship is essentially a relationship with Jesus, not merely following a code of conduct. Fellowship with Jesus marks the heart of the disciple’ life, and this fellowship includes trusting him, confessing him, taking note of his conduct, following his teaching, and being shaped by a relationship to him. Discipleship also means being prepared to face the kind of rejection that Jesus faced.[10] Jesus’ words regarding discipleship found in Mark 8:31-38 are especially meaningful to me. The intensity of Mark’s Gospel speaks to his passion for Christ’s followers to experience a dynamic day-to-day relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God.




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[10] The ESV Study Bible, English Standard Version (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles, 2008), p. 1890 notes on the Introduction to Mark.




I would just like to state briefly (for the record) that all of the synoptic Gospels are (in my opinion) of equal value. The one in which my heart gravitates towards however would most certainly have to be the Apostle John’s. Due to the fact of it showing us the breadth of feelings that God has towards us as laid out in vs. 3:16-18. For this assignment though I would like to of course elaborate upon the splendid book of Mark.

            The first possible explanation for the authorship of this said book (in my opinion) would most certainly be the fact that it points directly at our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anyone who glances at the pages of his Gospel can be shown the nature, and story of the Son of Man so plainly it cannot be missed. I feel that the writer is specifically pointing us to the fact of his excruciating scourging, death, and ultimately his resurrection. I agree that this is his ultimate goal due to the fact that Jesus, and his works are the focal piece of this literary work and gives us a personal glimpse into the life of the Messiah. This I feel would be the most likely case for this Holy Spirit illuminated work to be written.

Second, I feel that Mark is giving us a crystal clear example of the Love that our Lord has for us as his creation. I say this due to the fact that he sent his most valuable asset (his precious son) to intervene in our lives and bring us back to himself once more. If God did not love us than he would turn away his face and watch us fall off the cliff into the fiery abyss below. That’s just not what he did though, in giving his PERFECT son as a sacrifice to atone for our sins is (in my opinion) the greatest act of Love one can perform. I agree to this due to the fact that Jesus was supposed to have walked about and performed ministry showed that in fact God did send his son to this Earth and that his death would be inevitable.

Thirdly, I would like to bring up another possible scenario for Marks authorship. I feel that a possible reason could be God showing his Power through his son (not as in brute strength), however by using his abilities to conquer unclean spirits, to break forever the cycle of death, and ultimately to sever the immense strangle-hold that Sin has upon mankind. I assume this and/or agree due to the fact that in this book Yeshua was crucified, dying for the wretchedness of mankind’s actions.

Fourth, I believe that God wanted to show the unbelieving world his Holiness and his ultimate control over things (something that should be rather comforting if you are going through a rough time in your life). I say this because in the book of Mark Jesus performs “Miracles” in which he proves himself to be the Messiah, God’s son, and ultimately gives us assurance of his status as ruler over all things. Thus I agree to this possible scenario due to the fact that Jesus steps into people’s lives and utilizes his power to bring about a favored result.


And lastly I would conclude by giving just one more reason the Apostle Mark may have authored the book. This is a rather beautiful and joyous scenario, one that should give the reader inspiration to never stray from God’s perfect path and to stay constantly in his warm embrace. I am of course stating the fact of prophesy and or the books pointing the reader to the hope of a perfect future. For example in Mark Jesus talks about two folks standing in the field, one is taken and the other left. This might be scary for the person left behind but gives the believer assurance that evil will eventually be triumphed over and we will arrive at a much more beautiful and sacred place than where we are/live today. This book points to heavenly things, it alludes to the still sweet, soft, and comforting fact that we will one day be submerged in a crystal clear river gently stroking the side of a rainbow colored fish. Emerging out of the water and gazing into an array of colors and clouds filling the sweet tasting skies. I would agree because this verse (the two in the field) is written in Mark and gives us this sacred picture.


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