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Cohan, P. (2015, May 3). Do Tax Cuts Create Jobs? Retrieved from

Dardick, H. (2015, 7). Retrieved 10 2015, from

Hinz, G. (2015, June 23). Retrieved 10 2015, from


Mulligan, C. B. (2011, September 14). How Payroll Tax Cuts Can Create Jobs. Retrieved from





UT, Very Good Essay Argument Rough Draft—

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You have an especially good and clear understanding the issues surrounding creation of jobs and the importance of creating a good environment financially and aesthetically for business.

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·         Good Title

·         Good Introduction ADD in Headings Personal Angle and History

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·         Good Transition with Topic Sentences

·         Very Good use of evidence

·         Very Good evidence and stats

·         Good specific examples and explanations of issues

Topic/ Title:





Argument Essay


Joan Morris

English 112












·         Introduction Good Introduction



·         ADD in Headings Personal Angle and History

·         Importance of the Issue


Many people have brilliant ideas on how to start new businesses and make investments on different ventures with the aim of earning a good living and eliminating poverty. However, their dreams remain unfulfilled since many challenges hinder their progress. This paper will focus on discussing these problems in a more detailed manner and provide how these problems can be controlled, mitigated or eliminated so as to create more job opportunities. These challenges include high taxation rates on the business owners, inadequate infrastructure and poor education provisions. The paper will discuss CAPS these pressing issues in relation to the city of Chicago in Illinois, USA. High taxes discourage entrepreneurs from working effectively hence leading to slow economic growth rate in the country (Cohan, 2015). This is because small business owners are discouraged from starting their businesses since they do not generate enough profit; to continue invest and grow their business, and to meet the government high taxation rates, which forces many people to move from their current city to the city with fiscal policy that is friendlier toward start-ups. Therefore, to keep and create more jobs in Chicago, there has to be incentives for entrepreneurs to start and stay in business; therefore, (1) taxes should be cut on businesses, (2) there should be more investments on the construction of efficient infrastructure, and (3) more investment in education so that more people can gain essential skills that would enable them to have creative and innovative ideas to start their businesses.



First, in order to create more jobs in Chicago, there has to be an incentive for entrepreneurs to start a business; therefore, taxes should be cut on businesses. Chicago city in Illinois is well known for its high taxation rates, which result to slow economic growth rate. The governments of Illinois pressures the small business owners that make them refer to the state as an unfriendly business zone. Contrary to this fact, large businesses are somehow favored from these high taxation rates by providing special taxation agreements, which considerably reduces the pressure on the owners. Therefore, these entrepreneurs can make good savings, which encourage them to expand their businesses. However, most big business owners opt to move to less taxed regions where they can be exempted from high taxes with the aim of expanding their businesses more and in much less time (, 2014).

Chicago government policies impose additional taxation rates such as property tax, unfavorable permit taxes and restricted liability business charges (Mulligan, 2011). The entrepreneurs are most affected by these taxes during the initial stage of setting up the business since in most cases they do not possess sufficient funds to cater for all the requirements. Lawyers and political analysts claim that the states’ politics have contributed to the inclining Wrong Word taxation rates. They have noted that if this trend is not changed, more entrepreneurs will continue to leave Chicago, which might eventually lead to slow or no economic growth of the city (Dardick, 2015).

To solve this issue, the policy-makers should consider putting an end to constant tax hikes that brought about overwhelming effects on the process of creating more jobs in the Chicago city. The government had promised the people that this hike would be put off after some time, but this has not yet been done               Something Missing                                              Property tax greatly discourages families and property flippers from buying property and spends money on renovation process, which creates more money circulation, therefore creates more jobs. Unfortunately, anti-growth fiscal policy causes these people to migrate to other states, as a consequence, hurts the economic growth of the city. Chicago government should also put an end to the high property tax so as to encourage families to own property and to attract new business owners to supply the products and services needed for the renovation process.

ADD  Opposing views

ADD Transitions Signaling the Opposing view: Some people contend that….

ADD Answer to Opposing Views with

ADD Transitions Signaling the Answer to the Opposing View:… There might be some truth in that, but……


To set up a business in Chicago, the business owners are required to pay franchise tax annually. As the business continues to grow, so does the amount needed for the franchise tax inclines. Moreover, the government asks for the money regardless of whether the business made profits or not in that year. This pushes away potential entrepreneurs and investors from Chicago to other states.

Second, in order to create more jobs in Chicago, there has to be an incentive for entrepreneurs to start a business; therefore, there should be more investments in the infrastructure. For businesses to run effectively, proper infrastructure is needed to enable smooth transportation of raw materials and end products to and from the businesses. Delivery services are conducted promptly if airports, proper roads, harbors and railway lines are put in place. Due to the increasing population in Chicago, additional structures need to be set up so as to ensure that more businesses are started. Moreover, the government should invest in increasing the bandwidth of the wireless internet connection within the city and its outer part of the city.

·         ADD  Opposing views

·         ADD Transitions Signaling the Opposing view: Some people contend that….

·         ADD Answer to Opposing Views with

·         ADD Transitions Signaling the Answer to the Opposing View:… There might be some truth in that, but……


Third, in order to create more jobs in Chicago, there has to be an incentives for entrepreneurs to start a businesses; therefore, more investment in education. The Chicago governing authorities should invest more in education by assisting those students who come from poor backgrounds. This can be achieved in providing free education and scholarships to needy students. The government should additionally provide free learning materials such as books, pens, bags and laptops. Moreover, it should consider availing free wireless internet connection and hotspots within the city. This would go a long way in assisting students to research for academic materials online with much more ease regardless of one’s location within the city. Once the city’s population is sufficiently educated, the people can develop innovative ideas that are the initial steps of starting new businesses.

ADD  Opposing views

ADD Transitions Signaling the Opposing view: Some people contend that….

ADD Answer to Opposing Views with

ADD Transitions Signaling the Answer to the Opposing View:… There might be some truth in that, but……



The governing authority of the Illinois state should focus on investing in beneficial projects to create more jobs, such as education and infrastructure instead of concentrating on increasing the salaries of government officials. It is not wise to ignore the possibility of a situation where a city that is as majestic, developed and vibrant as Chicago, would economically collapse. This can be caused by the extensive migration of entrepreneurs and business owners to areas where less tax are required such as Indiana State. To avoid this occurrence, political leaders should come together and agree on ways to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in the city for example by reducing taxes and lending of loans. More jobs would pop up if the city government considers investing more in education, infrastructure and coming up with better taxation rates to encourage supply side of economy.

ADD all the sources referred to in the in-text citing

ADD a Formal APA Formatted Reference Page


Reference Page

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